Love : The Most Fashionable Commodity

Love , a feeling that only those luckier ones can experience as the great souls would say . but love , now has become a commodity , anyone can fall in love . It is more a fashion . Like some youngstars would complain if not having enough money to spend , some would complain not having a girlfriend or boyfriend . Lovers are now reduced to BF and GF ie. boyfriend and girlfriend .

With the easy access of co-education boys and girls are now closer to each other and friendship can happen easily too . But taking this as a chance most youngstars use Love as a means of physical intimacy and getting undue advantage of friendship in the educational institutes .

Parents are now a bit more broad-minded regarding the mingling of boys and girls , which many a time gives the opportunity of true friendship amon people of opposite sexes . This can be used a great opportunity to widen ones range of knowledge , know people of opposite sex better and this can be helpful later in life . But most youngstars are taking advantage of this freedom and resources that their parents provide them for study .

With an open mindset for sex and pleasure most people have now forgot the virtue of self control . And the most affected are those who are young at age . They think that they are mature enough to deal with life , but fail pitiously when trapped into such situation when their so-called Love fails . Violence in educational institute are rising at a galloping speed and for most the credit goes to this “Love ” , or rather I should say triangular love .

It is hightime that Indians should think of self control , otherwise love is just turning to be cheap commodity , and there will no difference among Indians and those of Western countries , and there will be no respect for the institute of Marriage .

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4 Responses

  1. MOKSHA says:

    Yes you are right today we cannot find lovers like Romeo Juliet , Heer Ranjaan etc This is because love is used like a comodity…when the purpose is over it is thrown into dustbin….but this happening because people love money more than human beibgs & humanity

  2. Service_to_all says:


    What you are talking of is not love. It is pure hardcore lust. Love is only a cover for lust.

    There can be no comparison between apples and oranges.


  3. Sulochana says:

    I couldn’t understand what is the relevance of the comparison between apple and orange here . I am saying that people are doing all sorts of things in the name of love . Whoever will talk about pure love would be considered as old fashioned . ( And actually love is the cultural approach of lust as Lenin says “Love is biology plus culture ” and definitely he didn’t encouraged people to indulge in cheap and immoral physical desire by saying this . ). Physical desire is not bad , but see how youngstars are madly pursuing for fulfilling carnal desires in the name of love .

  4. Service_to_all says:


    What do you call the love out of friendhip amongst people of same sex. Would you call that lust (Gay and lesbianism).

    Love and lust are like apples and oranges and there can be no comparison. Moreover there can be nothing called pure or impure love. It can be only love or no love.


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