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Love Thy Neighbours….

There are about 16 families in our building . All people may not know each other by names but they at least knows that they live in the same building . Occasional exchange of glances and smiles and if it happens that two of them had already met earlier then greetings take pllace while meeting at the lift or at the terrace . Immediate neighbours share even better rapport by exchanging some special dishes and sweets during festivels .
One of the residents , she happens to be a OCD patient though she doesn’t want to admit perhaps . Unfortunately whenever I go upstairs I just meet her by coincidents . Or frankly speaking anyone can meet her at the terrace at any time .The moment I look at her she will tell me that I have did something wrong . There can be no end to her list of “Don’ts” . Perhaps no one is spared from her “Don’t’s .
When I first met her I took her as a very righteous person . But gradually I got bored by list od “don’ts” and knew more about her . The reason behind her presence at terrace at anytime is her Obsessive compulsive disorder . She dries her washed clothes at least six times daily . Mops her floors several times though there is no kids around . No house-maid can settle with her because they get exhausted by her uncanny desire to have the house like dinner plates . She even made then sweep the corridors of the building .
I feel for her son and the poor fellow , her husband . Because I can avoid her . But they cann’t . At the same time I even have sympathy for her . But I can’t do anything . I’m just scared of taltking to her . leave aside the thought of suggesting something like visiting a psychiatrist .

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