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Memory of a quirky Valentine’s Day

One of my friends called me up a few moments back . Besides exchanging news of what is happening in personal life , we talked about some memories of our educcation life too. One of our friends has tied the recently . He was waiting for his beloved for the past four years . Both of them Sanju and his girlfriend never behaved like lovers during out life at university . Sanju was always telling her to make a love affair stable we first need to settle down our lives . If I cannot manage to get a decent job after studies , how could you maary me . It will create huge problem for your parents to accept me as their son in law . Apora could only take a deep breath after listening to Sanju , we all teased them , for Sanju’s thoughtfulness . He was a person at heart , but he kind of afraid to take any bold decision in life . And Apora always told him that “At least tell me that you love me , so that I can wait for you .”

Days past and Sanju joined a institute where he worked as an honorary teacher . Apora fumed at his decision but could not change his decision . Sanju is a laidback kind of guy and was happy with this job . Apora left Assam and joined a company in Delhi . Sanju once came to meet her , after getting recovered from a fatal injury in a road accident . None of our friends knew what they talked , but after that Apora sounded much happier when I talked to her over phone .

Sanju went back to Assam . This time he had changed much and took up a better job . We all are happy for him . Some months back he phoned all his friends asking can anyone provide him the cell number of Apora . He told me that Apora told him that she can wait for her till the end of 2007 . The day he called me was 20th of december . Now he thinks positively and want to tell her about his decision . I am amuzed to hear the tension in his voice . I told him , that I will pray to God that you could reach her before the ultimatum .

But alas , none of us could contact Apora she has changed her number and did not inform any one of us . When I talked to her last time her usual jolly voice was changed to a cynical one . From her words I feel that she had lost faith upon love or emotions , clearly I could sense her disbelief on the institution of marriage .

Now my friend told me that Sanju got married on tenth of february 2008 . And it is a love marriage !! I remember the valentine’s day we celebrated in our classroom , which was arranged by Sanju , he was our class representative . He arranged a cake anf flowers and arranged a competition among us , we have to describe our idea of first love most beautifully . Everyone did , including Apora and Sanju stayed away from the competition saying that he is the judge of the competition . One girl who was married after six years of courship was announced the winner . We had some music and the cake . And the next day Sanju had a hearty apprehension from the head of the department for arranging valentine’s day in the classroom !

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3 Responses

  1. dulaliputra says:

    Why Sanju behaved like that with Apora I am unable to understand. He seems to be flexible.Let Apora fight back the situation. What is she doing now? Encourage her to overcome her emotion.

  2. MOKSHA says:

    happy valentine day in advance….since you are not accepting private message I am leaving this as comment sorry for that thanks for reading my post…I do not know the exact english name of aambi haldi but it is available in market..it is form of haldi but it is not yellow in colour but it is white..it used as a medicine

  3. mysteriousdoc says:

    i do agree with dasgupta jis comment sulochana… these thisg are so common now a dayz .. nicely written .mysteriousdoc

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