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Miss Players

Back some months , perhaps during in scorching summer I have got a gift voucher from a magazine . First I have ignored that thinking that this may be some ad . After I read that it was the turn of my daughter to shuffle the pages …And it went t places from my desk , and ultimately got ready to say bye bye , the next sunday , (yeah when raddiwala comes ) .

But once when my daughter was turning the leaves my eyes met those of the gorgeous model’s . She was endorsing a newly launched brand for the girls “Miss palayers ” .And it was really a gift voucher of Rs 250 . I got excited but my husband said there is no use of going to by some unnecessary stuffs only because they are free . And look at the sun , It will dry our daughter .

But I didn’t want to lose the opportunity , and went out in search of a MIss Players store ,where the offer was available . After lots of searching we finally caught one . And voila …, But to my horror , it was a brand for teenage girls , and there were nothing that fits my size . Ultimately after lots of are-you-out-of-your-mind-glazes I decide to take one for my younger sister . And there was no single piece that are priced at or below 250 . I spend one more hundred and settled for the cheapest item , a top . My husband smiled at me “Happy?”

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