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My Terrace Garden

On the onset of the short and sweet winter I jumped to action on my idea of a terrace garden . I was pondering about this for a long time .But my lazy nature didnot permit me to get into the action part immediately .
As marigold is one flower that spreads warmth , vibrancy and lots of colour , specially its bright yellow colour , I chose mainly to focus on marigold . I possess just the basic knowledge of gardening specially about potted plants my knowledge is very limited . But with the help of one professional gardener and my friends who told me where to find out the essential material I could easily set up a garden on my terrace .
When I took my family to show the the first bud of marigold and Chrisenthimum I felt I have got paid for my hard work . We use to spend the free winter mornings on the terrace discussing about the flowers and taking care of them . My two year old daughter befriended the large blooms and says hello to them when she gets there and even ask them about their breakfast !! Surprisingly she never wants to get them plucked . The sight of the blooms are so fulfilling and not to mention the praise I receive as the proud owner of the garden !

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