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Point System At Eblog

I am an honest blogger , to the core . I think the current system of points at eblog is like rewarding peanuts . You write on a topic spending almost twenty minutes to half an hour .( I don’t know about the prolific bloggers who can deliver numbers of posts in a short span of time ).And you get maximum two to five ( that too not sure ) rupees for a post . Is it enough for your labour .

Eblog is far more better than those bogus sites , who makes bombastic promises to you to give you money .But do you think 1 rupee is enough for a blog post of over two hundred words . Those who just copy and posttheir blogs too even do some hard work when we compare to the ultimate gain . If I earn 30 points what will be my gain at the end of the month .

However as eblog is changing it’s policy these things hardly matter perhaps . But still when looking back to those who gained at least some money from eblog this definitely are much less then their hardwork .

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2 Responses

  1. admin says:

    We know that it is very less, but our intention is to attract the members to blog at eBlogs, make a huge group of bloggers, share our views, and eventually make few bucks out of our participation. Participating here just for money, I don’t think a good idea.

    When I have started blogging in year 2002 (I think…because I quit soon….as my job didn’t allow me to go to the netcafe and browse the net), there was only one site, Blogger, which was a premium service, means you need to pay if you want to blog. Later, it was purchased by Google and made free. Now, there are number of sites which are offering free blogging service and lot of people do blogging not to earn something. They just want to share their thoughts and get comments from the bloggers and visitors throughout the world. I maintain a blog too like a diary, whatever new software or an interesting thing hits me, then I will go and blog about it. I feel very happy when a person comes and says “Hey..your post was of help…Thanks!” Some people even writes me if they need some more help on the topic I have just written thinking that I am an expert. I will again start searching and experimenting to help them and eventually I learn more.

    After few years, I came to know about AdSense and other monetizing methods for blogs and now I make few bucks from it monthly though it has not more than 30 posts (I am too busy these days and not getting time to write on my blog. Whatever time a get, I spend here at eBlogs reading all the articles and their comments).

    When you start your own blog, getting visitors is very difficult thing. When I started my new blog, I was getting less than 5 visitors a day (don’t laugh at me). After few months, it was indexed on all search engines and slowly my blog started attracting visitors from search engine queries. Still it does not get 5% of traffic that a blog here at eBlogs gets.

    So…what I want to say is….when you blog on eBlogs, your topic will be seen by a huge group of members and if your post is interesting or useful, you will see comments on it within few minutes. Here there is a chance of making new friends and eventually learn a lot of things. Remember that what we are paying is much more than what eBlogs makes.

    With introduction of AdSense, your posts will start making money for you, though you stop writing in the future. That is a good thing of revenue-sharing model, which is not available in pay-per-post method.

    We are also searching for other legit money earning programs for our members. So, stay with eBlogs, make friends, and also participate in discussions at our new website, which will be launched on February 1st.

    Naveen Kumar

  2. Sulochana says:

    It’s a pleasure to know that we can instantly communicate with a larger community through blogs at this site and it pays much more than it earns . The best thing in eblog is that you read all the articles and reply to the queries immediately , which I have not seen in any blog site . Thank you for that and now I think I don’t have any qualms regarding the current payment . Hope you will carry on the good job .

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