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Quiet Evening

I love the moments when the earth wears her dusky dress to welcome Night . All the birds twittering back to their nestles , hurried people coming back to their households , the sun kissing a passionate goodbye to the horizon ….
I believe everyone in their lives ,at some points or other have fallen in love with a quiet evening . Even in busy city when you are alone in the evening you can feel the real flavour of the evening . Houses lighened up one by one , traffic lights deeming as the evening progresses makes me feel very romantic . Without knowing I tend humming “ye sham kus ajeev hai wo sham bhi kus ajeev thi ” .The memory of childhood days too have some unseparable asssociation with evenings . Saying goodbyes to our playmates just for the night but promising again and again about the meeting next days , parents waiting for us just to remind about those boring homeworks .
But mostly in day to day lives we forget to enjoy quiet evenings , watching twilights . Just as I am busy now at internet or some other day preparing evening snacks for the family I am bound to skip the moment which never cease to surprize me . If you too love quiet evenings at least enjoy it once in a week . It will rejuvinate yourself , will teach you to be a lot more romantic , loving and sympathetic .

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3 Responses

  1. dulaliputra says:

    Hello! Nice to find you here. Busy life has snatched away many things from our lives.

  2. nishunishaa says:

    Should Aussies be banned from playing the world cup?

  3. Sulochana says:

    No . I think punitive measures should be taken against indiviual cricketers .

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