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Rain Rain

I was disappointed to see that my flowers at my my garden were drying . Despite all my sincere effort there were some insects that cut the large marigold blooms at the stem itself .

I water them regularly , as the Kolkata weather is very hot . And the sun is almost scroching even we have enough time to say goodbye to winter actually . Some people who were regular visitor of my garden were throwing their expert advices on me . Interesting most of them were contradictory . Even the arm-chair gardener my husband would laugh at my dilemma what to follow and what not . When I water the Aloevera plants they would got rotten , if I don’t they dry out completely . I was almost clueless , and just sought divine intervention . It is so pathetic for an amateur gardener like me .

But the Rain god came to my rescue finally . One morning when it was still drizzling I went upstairs to see whether my plants were gone completely rotten or what , I saw all my flower plants shining and smiling with healthy blooms . The aloevera plant looked fresh as never before . All others too . The seeds I sowed started sprouting and displaying tiny bits of greens .

I could not help feeling grateful to Nature and how Nature can give us everything and anything so accurately . The rain was not stopped for almost 48 hours and I thought my flowers will all touch the ground . But instead they all got their health back . We cannot equal the accuracy that Nature possesses .

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2 Responses

  1. Sulochana says:

    Really ? Continuos five days of raining , is it almost monsoon there !! I am fine . Thanks for the comment .

  2. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hi how are u doing?? Nice cool observation about the nature. Here in my place raining continuesly from 5 days.. 🙂

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