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Real bloggers

In any website that pay for blog posts and the number of post are counted while making the payment there will be some bloggers who try to earn by cheating . It is but natural to feel that why should I not post copied content when others are earning by cpoying contents from other sites .

The administration of any blogsite perhaps cannot track all the cheaters . Specially when any blogger can post several posts per day . In such cases the real and genuine bloggers will definitely try to point out those who conspicuously post copied contents . And only those who donot care about what is happening around them can leave things as they are going on .

It is a same for all of us because if our blogsite allows us to post such content then we too would be considered as copy- pasters . The existence of the blog site would come under scanner . There is no dearth of topics on the earth to talk on . So why to copy others . Be genuine . And write whatever you love to .

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    You are right. That is why I have taken the role of a cyber police as far as this site is concerned. If you had read my blog on advice to bloggers and in the forums wherein I have taken the responsibility of sampling the posts of the top 2 users and clearly picking the url from where the posts have been copied.

    Any way money is not the be all and end all of life. People will have to abide by a clear conscience. The money earned by fraudulent means will not stay.


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