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Remaining Part : Keeping The Spirit is Tough

Hubby’s friend asked our camera for his ten day trip to Goa . But took almost 17 days ….

After two days he rang us up and and uttered something which sounded like the breaking up some very precious glass item . Yeah . Its literally like that . This friend has got some pebbles inside the camera and the LCD got some cracks by a silly mistake . I didnot know how to react when hubby dear cracked the news to me . Despite repeatedly telling him to handle that with care he was so careless with the camera .
Now he asks my hubby that he will get us a new one if we want . We want . Definitely my Mr. Gererous hubby doesnot want that . But I want . My hubby is adamant in his position that he cannot take advantage of his friend and ask him for a new one , and he will try to get it repaired . But I know how unhappy he is for the loss of our camera . He says that it will be unfair for him to take a whole new camera from his friend .

Two days back we have received a letter from a bank of another city which ia threating us to take serious measures against us if another of his friend does not repay his loan within a certain period . What is so shocking is that that friend is a very highly paid govt officer for whose lifestyle describe that he lives life kingsize . But the horrible thing is that he does not even think it necessary to talk the matter to us or even not picking up our calls .

I am asking my husband to take some lessons from these incidents . Why should we see thicks and thins for helping people in good spirit . My husband cannot imagine to say no to his friends or colleagues . But won’t he be compelled to say no to people in future when he will remember these and many such incidents ?

ps : I had to cut the earlier post short because I could not complete the post because of interference of calling bell .Usually I write fresh posts when I log in to the site only .

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