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Romantic Poems in Social Networking Sites

Ever since I have joined a social networking site , be-my-friend request are flooding to my page . I am not unhappy for this .Although I have joined it for experimenting the new phenomenon among the youngstars .

Can anyone be friend with so many people at the same time . Leave this question aside , just imagine how can one chat with so many people . We cannot deny that such sites are offering platform for interaction and to know people and exchange ideas . Some become life long friends and even life partners just starting as a friend .
What I object most is the sending abusive lines , and romantic poems . Some would write poems or just forward it . And its really funny to see the same hearty poem from several people at the same time . Some even request to forward it to 10 to 15 more people … .These requests clutter the page and the genuine messages remain unattended if I don’t notice properly . This happens because I don’t like to say no to people who just honestly request me for a friendship . Can anyone deny friendship. But why the romantic poems . Do they serve any purpose then killing time of both parties .

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