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Safe-guarding A Woman’s Right

After independence slowly and steadily Indian women are getting empowered by law and her rights are ensured in a marriage or in a society . I think even men are now co-operating and admitting women’s right more because of the interventions of law . It is actually heard to believe but it is true .

But some acts like domestic violence act has given women the power of seft protection in a way that if they want they can misuse the act against men . Those who are really in need may not be aware of such laws but some shrew ones will definitely use this act in favour of themselves while the men concerned may not be guilty at all .

Recently women in live in relationships too are brought under the protection of domestic violence act . This is very much important and will prove more crucial to the changes of social norms . Definitely they need protection , specially when there is every chance that men may dump them very easily in such a relationship . But there are cases when women to ditch a man without any reason , while law is silent regarding such cases . Does it mean that men do not undergo any kind of pressure or loss after such an incident .

Supreme court recently granted a succession certificate to a woman who was in a live-in relationship After the death of her live in partner she was given a succession certificate on the ground that the children born out of this relationship are legitimate . The verdict disregards the fact that the man had not divorced his legally wedded wife who is living separately . Is not it court’s duty to consider the right of another woman while trying to safeguard a woman’s right ?

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