School going Kids

” You send your child to the schoolmaster , but “tis the schoolboys
who educate him ”

Ralph Waldo Emerson , “Conduct of Life”

It is a tough tough for parents when they have to decide which school should be suitable for their child . Specially when there are enough choices and along with taht hardship in getting admission this is really an tough situation for the first timers .

Today there are enough schools , good , average , better , costlier but best and those which are not affordabale . When people think about a good school , it is not only education or facilities . It is also about the students who are studying there . Are there students from poor class or slum of societies . If one of the neighbour is not or recommendable character and his child happens to study in the school of your choice they definitely you won’t think of giving your child to that school . The only reason that you don’t want your child to know such things at this early age .

Today , any and every class in any given school will have some bullies , who will torture other students for no reason . They will beat others , snatch tiffin boxes of others . Good and well behaved students often have to be the victim of such bullies . So is not it quite a fix for parents who teach their students to behave well ?Now most childs do not have the habit of listening “no” from parents . So definitely they won’t listen a no from fellow students . No parents perhaps teach child kick boxing before getting into schools . But there would definitely be some masters in such arts , which they acquire from TV .

So parents beware , just getting admission in a good school is not enough , spend your time with the child and talk about what happens in his class , what his teachers do . Yes don’t say whether his teacher is good or bad in front of him , but keep a track of everything that happens in a day at school .School going kids are now enccyclopaedia of fashion and electronic gadgets , learn from them but don’t give into their wished blindly .

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  1. sajeevss says:

    Spending quality time with our children is a must…….somthing we are not finding time for in this busy world

  2. Service_to_all says:


    What is the definiton of a good school?

    Teachers should be good. – But are they so. Invariably nost of the teaching are dumped on to the parents and that is why most of the so-called good schools expect parents to be educated.

    Good mannered students – Today the social calss is no yardstick to decide the character. There have been several instances where students from well-to-do family indulging in actiities which are not good for the society.

    Home is the best school as far as character development is concerned.


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