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Should Blog Contents Be Serious

For me blogs are an emotional outlet . When there is none to confide in , or just to talk to we can take help of the animosity of the blog world and share our feelings , experiences and sometimes grievances too . Human being love to share and know about others too . But hectic schedule of fast life styles today has created a distance among people who live with each other and supposed to be near and dear ones .

But when we are having such a good platform for sharing our ideas why should we stop ourselves in just letting our heart out . We can share serious matters , form opinion for or against something which is bothering us . Sharing of knowledge and art and literary works may be even better options . Because they will immediately find one reader or viewer and if they are touched by our work they may comment and give suggestions for betterment of our work .

But while discussing anything serious we should take care to make our posts interesting too . And I think they should not be too long . Because they take too much time to read . It is better to split them in parts , because that way you just complete one part , and if found it interesting then you can proceed on to read the remaing part . And you can read more posts in short time .A short post is easier to edit and to go through .

Some other may think otherwise . Inviting comments .

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3 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    Good thought. However this also has some financial implications as each blog posted carries some points / revenue.


  2. satyakam says:

    Blog should be anything that serve a purpose for others,but in some blogging site some give importance to personal things like ,what their spouse told them,what their children love to eat etc etc,this thing never help anybody in any way..why others will be worried about ur personal life..yes if u have an interesting to share ,you should share..


  3. Sulochana says:

    But I don’t see any harm in telling what is going on in personal life . Like we tell such things to our friends , so with the veil of near animosity we can confide to a larger audience and sometimes take help in solving personal problems too . Am I right ?

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