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Special Day

A special day for someone is just another day for another person . Almost all of us remember our birthdays . Some celebrate or some don’t . But it is an imortant day for us . Otherwise why need to fill up the date of birth column in forms for schools , jobs , loans ??

23rd of January is celebrated as the Netaji Birthday in our country . A way to pay a tribute to the great person who inspired Indians to fight for our independence . So we remember him as well as his birthday . It’s an important day for the nation .

One of my friends birthday falls just the next day of Netaji birthday . Her husband (like most men )never remembers the day . The man who boosts of being a fan of Netaji remembers the day , and feels sad that we Indians are gradually forgetting the great hero . When his wife says that he could remember Netaji B”day but forgets his own wife’s b”day every year . “Why should we all celebrate Netaji B”Day , those who are his followers would definitely celebrate his B”day ” She would told him . Then the husband asks her ,” What is your contribution to the Nation . If you have done something to the Nation you don’t have to wait for me to wish you . Everyone would come to wish you .”

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