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Teaching Becomes a More Challenging Job

Teaching , the profession once considered as the most revered has now become more challenging then ever before . Perhaps this profession is not given as much respect as earlier . With children coming from different family setting , of different IQ and different sets of physical and temperamental problems a teacher has to face a lot in a class of 40 or 45 minutes .
Leave aside those teachers for whom teaching is just another job , at times demanding . But the number of persons in this profession who want to teach something , get involved in the process of imparting knowledge and skills to children . It happens mostly because teacher are looked as other professionals. Society expect more from them .
Their personal problems , personal opinions etc are sometimes get heavier for the the chilren who lack the capacity easy learning and acquiring . That is why some teachers forget the rules and regulations and sometimes even their ethics . Several incidents show that teacher instead of showing patience and perseverance show how mean and cruel a human being can be . They act like psychopaths while punishing their students for trivial matters . The increasing number of such incidents is not a good sign for the schools and children .

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    Pay them well. After all they are responsible for producing able and educated citizens. Most of the problems a teacher faces are financial.

    Give incentives for performing teachers, who produce good students.
    Students who have performed well in life because of education, should give back to the school something in return financially. This should be in the form of a trust, which could manage the funds and provide incentives to teachers from the trust.


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