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The People’s Car Vs Laymen in Singur

The moment or may be exactly before the launch of the new car described as a people’s car the resentment and protest of people hit the news channels . As the proposed project was opposed by common people at Singur as it would rob off their land and permanent means of their livelihood .

Even outside Pragati maidan where the most expected launch of the car was happening Medha patkar and her comrades were vocal about their protest . Back at Singur mass was staging a effigy- burning programme of the much awaited car .

Common people . And appealing word in India . Ratan Tata and his team had worked hard to fulfill the dream of common people …. of having a four-wheeler . Most people’s life end without realising the middle class dream of roaming with the family in a four wheeler . But there are another class of common people whose dreams seem to be so trivial in comparison of a dream of having a car . They just want to live their lives , to get two meals daily for their families . In both cases it is just fulfilment of a dream . But both are so different .

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