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The Philosopher Kavita

Kavita was famous , rather say notorious for her uncanny behaviours . She was almost a philosopher and asked strange questions in the middle of a conversation . First we all took her too seriously and when she did so it hurt us . But later on we took her interventions and strange obsevations in good humour , and gradually she became our regular dose of humour .

Once while classes were going on she got a message from hostel that her father has came to meet her . The teacher permitted her to leave class to go back to hotel to meet her father . The visiting room was on the gateway to the hostel , and no one can miss the face of the visitor , while entering hostel . Our philosopher friend entered hostel threw a glance at her father and headed straight to her room in hurried steps .

The matron who was sitting there saw her so she didn’t tell her anything . And Kavita ?? She went to her room , changed dress , opened the pages of the novel she was reading got burried herself in that . After more than half an hour her father asked the matron to call kavita because he has to return home as soon as possible .

When enquired about this Kavita smiled , “yeah I thought that perhaps I know this person , who is sitting in the visitor’s room , he resembles so much to my father “.

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