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The world is a Small Village

It’s so nice to have a whole family around us , is n’t it . After a long gap , almost five or six months have passed since I have not seen them . This time they are around us for a few days .

It’s our litle bundle of joy that roped them all the way from Assam to here in Kolkata . But we all have have enjoyed so much .So i was very busy spending time with them . Days were passed in chatting , shopping outing and it seemed that the whole ten days were pased in a jiffy . Now the bed they used , their space , the stuff they loved to use , everything seems so empty . It is almost unbearable for me . Now when they had gone I feel there were so many things I had to tell them , and show them .

Now-a-days it is so common that people have to stay away from parents , for jobs , for study or for marriage . With the facilities tha we can avail from modern technology it is rather easy to stay connected . The world apears to be small village . We think that our parents are happy with our phone calls or e-mails . But that’s a half truth . Our parents want to see us . Those who can visit their childs who stay in other cities do that , and those who cannot just count the days when they can be ablw to see their beloved sons and daughters or grandchildren .

Today most parents know that once their childs go out of the cities for education they would never come back to stay with them forever . The children are ever chasing dreams of better lives and in that life most of them hardly have any space for their parents . So in a way parents are bound to live a lonely life in spite of having children .

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    Communication have made the world seem so smaller.

    Parents have done a lot more than we do for ourself. How can some selfish people forget them and leave them alone when they most need us?

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