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Those Who Love Chicken

Bird Flue is turning to epidemic and spreading very fast accross different states in West Bengal . People have different view on whether to cull the birds so that the disease can be stopped without spreading much . Govt is also ensuring that eating chicken and eggs are safe as long as we have them properly cooked .

The virus of Bird flue dies in the temperature of 70 degree C . And it has never been transmitted to humans by eating cooked chicken and eggs . It is important for the govt to ensure so that people dont get panic over the matter . The loss involved in paultry business is crores .

If we decide to continue eating chicken and eggs then loss will be less rampant . But what will happen to those who sells chicken . As they are affected already by the loss in the business they will try bt any means to provide if people want to buy chicken . It is sure the vendors don’t know much about the safety measures .Won’t they get affeted by the disease in the process of dressing the chicken ? Even some members of the culling team in some places are getting affected who know well about the disease . One of them is a vet and other one is an animal resource development officer . Again if we continue having chicken then there will be chances of chicken getting smuggled from those affected villages to other parts .

So I think people should support the culling process .Is it a big deal if we cannot enjoy chicken dishes for some months only ?

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    Bird flu suddenly became a big menace India. I hope the health department eradicates this disease….

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