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To Understand All Is To Forgive All

“To understand all is to forgive all”, That was Victor Hugo’s point of view . However our body often refuses to substitute understanding for pain and rage . It is confusing . Are you really forgiving someone for the act because you understand his motive ,or are you readily assuming that his act was warranted because you don’t want to acknowledge being angry with him ?

If the latter is the case , your rage will turn to depresion . This depression witll lead to apathy and the apathy will surely spread . Anger as a reaction to being wronged is not neurotic . If you want to term your anger as just a n insight is that you are suppressing your feelings , and this is something you are doing against yourself .

Always try to know your feelings . Sometimes we tell others about how other people abuse us . This way we somehow try to make others protest on behalf of us . Actually we are afraid of our own vigourous reaction , so we try to involve others , or calm down ourselves .

So forgiveness is not always helpful to us . This may give birth to a chain of action and reactions in many people . Instead of this showing anger or protesting logically in a limited way is far more better , I think .

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