Too much Speculation

Honestly media seems to have taken the responsibity of ruining private lives of celebraties . With the innumerable news channels , celebrity talk shows , and gossip columns , people from glamour world has perhaps now nothing to hide . Even before their respective partners know about some problems in their lives it is media to uncover it in the broad day-light .

Why it is so that the media is so much interested in private affairs . Is it because people want to know more and more about the celebs” private lives or is it because celebs themselves are more interested in washing their dirty linens in public . When the famous Bachchan family decided to keep their marraige a private affair , all media turned it to a circus . The affair is still mention in derogatory terms or jokingly . But do not they have any right to keep the affair a private one .

The news channels have done their bit while bringing into light many scams in the higher level of government departments . But that does not mean that they are licenced to ruin private lives of people . When one celebrity start seeing another it is media that will decide the fate of their meeting . They will follow them to the end of their wits . The people involved in it have to meet press for clarifying their stands in the public eyes or for saving misunderstanding of their parents or family .This reminds of the accident of Princess Diena who had to give her life for saving the infamous paparazzi .

I think this is time when certain codes of conduct should be implemented on the news channels while showing news regarding private lives of people .

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    It is only the celebrities and the public who lap up such trash are to be blamed.


  2. madhu_vamsi says:

    Yes u r right that celebrities too have a private life and media should stay away. Media has the power to make a person great or make him a villian. They do it by putting some blady poll. For ex: the poll will be like this, Is it right that media is kept away from the marriage of Abhi- ash? please send us sms to some 5252.
    People vote this blady poll knowing that no profit is there for them.
    I would blame the people more than the media. media shows what public likes more…

    Madhu Vamsi….

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