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Unusual Happy Birthday Wish

When I received the call a sweet voice of a lady wished me a very very happy Birthday . I didnot say thank you , because it was not my birthday . I told her that that day was not my birthday . And asked further why she had called me . It was not a “wrong number” case , so I got interested in listening to her .

She told me about a policy attached to a credit card that will cover medical insurance and started telling all about the benefit of the card . I denied to accept her offer firmly . After lot more pursuation she finally gave up , that too wasting almost ten minutes . Because she offered me several option and I had to deny each one stating some reason or other .

Lastly , before winding up she asked me about the birthdays of the other members of my family members ! See what a nice way to break the ice of any conversation . You are happy that some one is wishing you budde and and you give in to her . Can you say it is a pesky call ?

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