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Today is the eve of MAGH or BHOGALI BIHU in Assam . Bhogali is the harvesting festivel that we celebrate the abundance of the season . As it is the time that people have just completed harvesting , everyone is happy . As Assam has an agro-based economy this farmers festivel is celebrated by all and sundry .

People today have a community feast . Seasons fresh vegggies , fishes will accompany the uniquely tasty species of rice . At some places in Assam peple specially families with chidren gather for a feast for lunch , and youngstars have their feast at night . But by and large it is a feast in the Bhogali Eve .

Ladies prepare different types of pithas like Teel pitha ( the unique roll of dry rice powder stuffed with a mixture of jaggery , sesame seeds and some flavour), Ghilapitha , Teelar Laru , Laskora ( Laddu made of grated coconut) etc . And men , specially youngstars prepare a pile of dry wood to be burnt the next morning . They spend the night near this pile which is called MEZI .They prepare a special house with hay and dry wood to stay in which is called bhelaghar . And make merry all the night by singing bihu songs and dancing. It was earlier a ritual to steal some goodies like some fresh veggies , paultry from villagers that night . No one mind it of course . It’s a part of fun .

Tomorrow , people will gather arround the MEZI and fire it . They will pray and offer bhog to Agnidevta . Then coming back home enjoy a the bhogali fare which contains a lots of tasty and delicious sweet dishes like , Komal Chaowl with Dahi and Jaggery and all kinds of pithas .Before this youngers seek blessings of elders in family .

In some places buffalo fight , cock fight etc are organized . But these are restricted to some places only . But Egg-fight is almost common to all places . All these have some implications in the process of satisfying the god of harvesting . Egg fight as it denotes fertility is supposed to increase the reproduction quality of the land . Buffalo – Fight indicated vigour etc .

I wish everyone a very happy BHOGALI BIHU .

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