VAT and We

When VAT was introduced everyone fumed about the implementation of this tax . But how many of us want a cash memo while shopping for our everyday goodies . At most we are given a bill without any stamp or registration No. and we are satisfied with that .

We get panicked when big restaurants want some extra bucks in the name of bucks , but those whom we pay on daily basis are saved from this odd . Because we don’t want to spoil the relationship with the nearest shopkeeper by asking the cash memo . This way we are not only in risk of getting cheated but also doing harm to the genuine tax payers as well as government .

So it is our duty to ask for cash memo in every purchase where we couph up 100 Rs or more then that . There is nothing harm in asking the cash memo or asking to reduce the price from the MRP of certain things . Don’t bother about the raised eyebrows of the sales men . It is our middle class mentality of not asking for our rights is what takes us to nowhere and create problems to those who are conscious about their rights .

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4 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    and take the opportunity to accomplish the rules to be followed by others…asking for a cash memo is our right and we must have it ..very right in saying so ..instead of blaming the law or the government about VAT should try to follow the right way

  2. Service_to_all says:


    One must also be willing to shell out the extra 4% tax.


  3. lkjhgf says:

    VAT ne sabki “vaat” lagadi he.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

  4. lkjhgf says:

    Some of the commodities like electric goods have 12.5%. So we should be prepared for paying all that.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

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