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Wake Me Up When

There were three times more passengers than to the capacity of the bus . So naturally even standing straight was a difficult rask itself . An unannounced was held competition to occupy a seat as soon as it is vacated . You have to read the feelings of your fellow passengers , specially of those who are sitting , because you have to find out the ones who will get down shortly . Who is picking up his bag or shaking away his inertia, by stretching and yawning himself .

I too was standing but had given up all hopes , of getting a seat for myself . Instead I started doing my favourite pastime in bus ,ie. observing people , inside or outside the bus . One person has just occupied a seat and while relaxing he asked a fellow passenger who is standing like me , ” Can you please wake me up when Dakshineswar comes , I gonna catch some sleep ,please “. The man readily agreed though he was the one whom the other one beaten in the competition . He was in the hope that when Dakshineswar comes he will get the seat .

Dakshineswar stop comes , the standing fella hurried waked the former up . He waked up , and wore his spec , looked through the window , and offered his prayer to the Lord from therein !!

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