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Welcome Back

Hello everybody . welcome back to eblog . In the morning today I searched for eblog but till then it was not back . I was doubtful whether it could complete the process or not . But now I am happy to see it back from the hiatus .

It is a pleasant surprise to see my name in the top slot of top ten bloggers . I am so happy . I am basically a blogger and that is why never could earn any point for referrals or by invitations . So never thought that I could gather this much point only by blogposts or comments . When the site announced that it will turn to a Google adsense programme then I was suspicious about it if I could be able to earn any point or money . But Thank to those friends whose email made the team eblog to change the decision of format changing . The team eblog has shown great confidence upon us respecting the users” opinion . Thanks to the team .

Now it is our turn to show the same respect to the site . Let this site emerge to be one great site , a place of hangout and share our ideas by posting original contents and newest ideas .

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2 Responses

  1. nilalove says:

    Hi Sulochana, This is Ramesh P.K. from Bangalore. I think you was worked with Infosys (Modus) as a web developer. am I right?? If u r the same person, kindly contact me. Otherwise, plz ignore me.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Ramesh P.K.

  2. jmalhotra says:


    Thank you and same to you dear..hope to have a good time with all of you here

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