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What Do You Want Your Child To Be In Life

” I would like to have a partner for watching cricket with me . So I want a baby boy .”.

” Don’t I accompany you while watching cricket ???”

“Hmm . You do , but you shout most of the time to change the channel , and never pass the remote to me once you get hold of it .”

” So , I let you watch the important shots . Anyway I want a baby girl , whom I will doll up , and you know I will let her learn classical dance.”

“No way , whether it is boy or a girl , it won’t learn dance , it will be a sportsperson . No arguement over that .”

“Ok, but I want her to join Civil Services , you better agree with that ”

Perhaps you can imagine what I am writing about . Most of us think or assume that we achieve it through our childs what we could not achieve in this life . That is why we want our childs to be musician , good professsionals , Dancers or sprtspersons . Yes , we want them to get established in life , but mostly we want top fulfll our own dreams through them .

Children often cannot bear the burden of parents” expectations . How can they , we want them to the first student in class , topper in board exam , No. 1 in sports , drawing , music and whatever comes to their way . But can everyone be no. 1 ? Every parents want their child to excel in every field . Let them excel , but why do you expect them to be no. 1 . I remember once my litle brother refused to come back home after his Maths examination , because he forgot to write the answers on the question paper , and he knew mom won’t forgive him for doing so .

People want their children to earn more than themselves . Money is not a bad word , but is earning money everything .Careerist parents just don’t bother whether their children know how to behave with elders , or with people coming their home or to help poor people .

And the poor children , they just confide in their parents , they would rather suicide instead of cutting a sorry figure in front of their parents . They are unable to handle the pressure their parents put on their tender shoulders . I would request all parents to teach their children the importance of becoming a good human being , a better citizen and to not to hanker much after career . Let them at least enjoy the good things of including some leisure and playfulness . Give career it’s due importance , but not rob them of their childhood .

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    We should not force our child to join the profession we want him to do instead he should be given the chance to select his/her profession so that he progresses in life with his interest of job.

    This thing is very well ppresented in film “Tare zameen par”

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