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What Junk Food Can Do .

Junk food can cause many of the diseases including chronic dysentry , TB, and even cancer . But what the latest news shows that junk food can even cause hormonal disbalance in small childs too , and so much so that it can prove bring early onset of puberty among girls .

Some British toddler girls have attained puberty recently . It is attributed to change of life style and dependence on junk food . A three year old girl displays all the symptoms of an adolescent , she is suffering body odour , she started menstruating and all other symptoms that happen only at adolescence . This incident is not an isolated one . There are many . Their bone age found to to be ten while the actual age are varied from three to five .

I remember reading an article , forgot the name of the magazine , some ten years back . Where the writer who himself was a doctor forsaw some danger that the change of lifestyle could bring onto . The overt exposure to the importance of boy and girl mix up , the information that media has made accessible to childs at an immature age and access to good food , sometimes fast food all are responsible to make the health of childs specially girls vulnerable . Women are always vulnerable to decay . Their bone start decaying from the age of 35 , they suffer osterioposis , their reproductive systems almost gives an answer at above 45 . Now that age is far more reduced . Though we have ample examples of celeb moms giving birth to child at above 40 or 45 that is almost rare in common women . Those including celebs who do regular exercises and keep themselves fit are those who are the blessed ones . The writer said that when a girl attains puberty at early age she will mature faster and will attain menopause too in an earlier age .

This proves to be the truth now . Now easy access to junk food , change of life style , ( sans sports and activities ) , exposure to electronic media and information all made them over-riped at tender age . They know much , understand less . The steroid found in junk food could be one major reason to the ageing bones of children .

Its hightime that people as well as govt think of posing ban to all junk foods . Do you agree ?

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