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Who Cares For Them ???

Once my domestic help didn’t show up for two consecutive days which is quite against her nature . The day she came early in the morning I was not much interested in knowing her story which are usually like her mother insisting her to visit some relative . But then she never did this for two days at a stress .

But seeing her sad face , I smelt something wrong and asked her what happened to her . She told me that there were a huge riot in these two days . They are native adivasi of this place . And they are few in number . She showed her place earlier which is visible from my window . It is a small village of Oraos , who are mostly wage earner . the women folk work as part-time domestic helps in nearby housing complexes . There small abode of peace is fast surrounding by new buildings . The little greenary they serve is fast dissapearing .

But this is not her problem , few days back one govt. official came to meet the people of the village and searched for valid documents of their ownership on the area . As none of then has any kind of documents regarding ownership they are told to leave the area . As Baby ( my domestic help ) told me they were living here from the generation of their great grand fathers and never worried about such things . Earlier they lived by cultivating but now most of them sold their lands to the builders by provokation or by somehow and now the village starts and ends with their huts , nothing left to sold out except their houses . The population is increasing so there is no land left unused .

Now the govt plans to give the land to some builders , and send the people to another place . As the people do not have enough patience to deal with this matter they have already indulged in a fight session and made the matter worse . Some people among them are consenting to the buidlers which too is aggravating the situation .The govt. will not provide any compansation to the people , but are told that they need to vacate the place as soon as possible .

There must be some loopholes in the story , as it was told by a girl who is not much educated . But the sadness written all over her face still haunts me . These people are just happy with their shelters , two meals everyday and some merriment . But no one including govt. seems to care about them .

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