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You Are Cool or Hot

Today youngstars need to be cool or hot . No one wants to be a warm personality . Helping people , wanting to know about others , these things make people often vulnerable , and people take them as opportunists .

Everyday news papers , magazines are offering you tips to look cool or hot . You buy ultra cool stuffs from glossy stores , make yourself presentable . Today make up or dress should speak loud about yourself , your size of pocket . Action and manners howeveras lost all importance .

We are gradually forgetting our roots and culture , but that dose not matter . What if girls go out to celebrate New Years Eve and get groped and molested by unrully men ?Is n’t that cool . Indulging in pleasure is the main concern . We would rather show ignorance about the problems of those who have lesser gods . Their problems are left to government . Government is there to help them , why should we bother . If all the lands of the farmers are acquired by corporate giants and builders then our economy will be stronger . But won’t we have to import even rice and pulses from other countries at higher price . In a country where most people’s staple food is wheat , we now need to import it . Can only industrialisation develop a nation . There should be a healthy proportion of everything.

But today everyone is busy with just looking cool or hot . News papers will make a hue and cry in every issue and as soon as a different issue comes the older one goes to oblivion . And for the rest easy money is what we are aspiring for , because that looks cool . The earning from physical labour is not cool .

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