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Hi there everybody,
What a match yesterday wasn’t it?
I mean that was truly a entertaining match, I mean I get bored with he match whose results become obvious within first ten overs, it was a tight competition with the result being secret to the very last ball, but again two things disappointed me one the heated dialogue between Ishant sharma and Andrew symonds and second the comments made by the Indian team’s captain Mahendra singh Dhoni who thinks that making runs for the team is the sole responsibility of the seniors only.

Let me first talk about the altercation between Andrew symonds and Ishant sharma, as it was crystal clear from the replays that the altercation was started (ONCE AGAIN) by Andrew Symonds and ishant sharma only answered his comments, but once again the umpires and the ICC failed to see andrew’s fault in this incident and gave him a clean chit but the fastest bowler of the world ishant is summoned by the ICC match referee, and I don’t know WHY!, every one knows that the altercation was startrd by symonds then how the hell he got a clean chit and Indian player found guilty, just like in the case of Harbhajan singh (the Terminator) and symonds where again symonds was the one who started the altercation and bhajji only reacted on his comments but bhajji was the one who faced the ban of three test matches, I know that the ban was lifted afterward but the question is why was he banned at first place, and I wont be surprised if once again it is the Indian player who is found guilty and again has to face a ban.

I cant understand why ICC cant see the mistakes of Australian players. I mean from my point of view if any team can be blamed for racist commenting then it is the Australian team itself. It was Australian players who used racist language against SriLankan players, actually they use racist and abusive language against every team they play with, but I don’t know why those teams including Indian team has never complained against it, Indian team complained once and then backed off, I think its high time that ICC takes strict action against players using abusive language an I am not talking only about Australian players, be it Indian, English or any other team if thety don’t know how to behave on the field then they are better sitting at their home.

The second thing I want to give views on is the comments made by the Indian captain M.S.dhoni at the press conference after yesterday’s match that Indian team lost the match due to the poor performance of the seniors, I think I missed the part of the match where dhoni was playing a captains knock, cause the part of dhoni’s batting that I saw was totally hopeless, he wasted thirty crucial balls that is five overs that would have been sufficient for the talenders to win the match, the required run rate was above 7.5 and dhoni was playing like it was a test match. I cant understand why sehwag was chosen and ganguly was dropped out of this series while ganguly was the only player in form at that time I cant understand the selection strategy used by the captain and the selection committee, I don’t know why they want to stay away from ganguly, I think Dhoni is not the right guy for captaincy, I would like to say here that the best captain Indian cricket team ever got was ganguly, I hope he gets back in the team soon.

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3 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    authorities are partial with aussies…cricket is indeed loosing the luster ….cos of aussies and the party

  2. lkjhgf says:

    there was no doubt in that case in the parallel reply of the course clearly mentions that symonds started muttering something and ishant just reacted to it.

    If this was the case then the fees of symonds should also be fined as a benefit of doubt.

  3. lkjhgf says:

    U have told that India lost the match due to poor performance of the seniors but there was only one senior batsman and that was sachin. Its not only his responsibility.

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