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Christmas Memories

I”ve been thinking about some of the past Christmases that I have experienced as I prepare for this coming Christmas. I have some very good memories that I will always treasure. My favorite Christmas of all was in the fifties when my dad returned from the war in Korea on Christmas Eve, just in time to go to midnight mass with us. I was so glad to see him.

Another Christmas that I remember well is the year my brother recieved a Lionel Train set for his gift. My dad built a large table for it in a room attached to our garage. We were all so excited to watch the train go around that track. As I recall though, none of us was allowed to operate the train. That was disappointing. It was still a wonderful gift that we all enjoyed even though it was for my brother.

I also felt really good about the Christmas when I recieved my first watch. It seemed like some kind of passage for me to recieve a watch…….as though I was on my way to adulthood. I was actually around 12 years old.

As a mother these past 39 years I have enjoyed every Christmas watching my children open their gifts one by one and seeing the happiness on their faces. In the past 11 years, it has been exciting to watch my only grandson open his gifts. He is always so excited and appreciates his new toys.

In 1990 my father passed away on December 23rd. I always have some very sad feelings on this day even after all these years. I was a real Daddy’s girl when I was a child. As a young woman I went through a period of intense anger toward him because he was an alcoholic. When I got older, I realized he had really difficult problems with depression and anxiety, as well as some anger issues. I know now that he was ill and I have forgiven him for the pain he often caused members of the family. I loved him so much…..he was my Daddy!

My brother David and I have already celebrated together sharing gifts and dinner. We had a wonderful time visiting and being silly. We finished some last minute Christmas shopping together and it felt really good. I have the best brother in the world.

In a few days my family will all be together again to celebrate and share the joys of Christmas. I hope you all enjoy December 25th, whether or not you believe in Christmas.

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