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Passing It On

When I was a child we played a game called, Pass It On. You may remember it too. One person whispers something in your ear and you pass it on to the next person. By the time a simple phrase has reached the end of the line it sounds like something totally different. It was fun. Passing it on isn’t fun when it comes to depression.

I have learned in the past several years that all four of my children suffer from depression/anxiety/stress/and other mental or emotional disorders, just as my husband and I do….just as our parents did. I hate to see my children suffering with these problems. I wish I could take the burden from them as I know what a lifelong struggle it is to battle the depressive feelings, the anger and the fears.

I have three sons and one daughter. My daughter talks to me the most and I consider us to be close. She is such a beautiful person inside and out, yet this mean and ugly thing swoops over her and tries to rob her of everything she enjoys and everything she has worked so hard for.

She observed my struggles over the years and has seen my strength as well as my weaknesses. I’m hoping she will remember and dwell on my strengths and use the same strengths in herself to beat down the disgusting monster we all know as depression.

We may be destined to pass on depression to our children, but we can also pass on the examples of how to deal with it and keep it from destroying our lives. I hope I have done that with my children. I will continue to try.

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