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Bonus share……………..

Though reliance power shares are in a loss currently it will come up.
all ways we are going to be profited….
as the investors are going in heavy losses the company has thought of a way to recovery.
Its thinking of giving Bonus shares.
as always bonus shares are free of cost .
The company will be deciding this on wednesday.
the board members are having a Board meetng on wednesday i.e today.
Here they will take a fixed decisionof weather bonus shares should be alloted or no.
Within two days the share holders will get the final news.
So all shareholders there are chances that you may get some free shares…..

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2 Responses

  1. pulak_2442 says:

    R POWER issue is a big issue.Its also a historical issue.But the problem is that none have in mind this question,what is the asset of RPOWER?.I also have no idea on this.
    So i didnot apply for this issue.Now anil ambani have declared bonus share 5:1.
    But how much share will get any person who got 17 share in IPO.
    My one client got 17 shares.

  2. betterlife says:

    Decision of Anil Ambani to issue bonus shares is a strategy to protect brand image of Reliance. Reliance is seen by small investors as a company which looks after their interest as no other company does it. The image has to be protected if it wants to move ahead. A very wide small investors base is the real strength of Reliance.

    “प्रेम करो सबसे, नफरत न करो किसी से”
    “Love all, Hate none”

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