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Just by listening to the word we notice a smile dancing on our lips right??????????
No one remembers this time exactly because this was the time when we were not having enough memory capacity…………………
Yet we have many intresting episodes from our childhood to share……
Though it’s narrated by someone we are very keen to know about these golden days……

these are the days of our bossing…..
These days we are the boss of our life……
Everything we need reaches at the place where we are sitting.
We are cared the most.
As said there is only one life to live……Childhood is the most sweet and enjoyable stage
I bet each and every person has many Incidents that they love to repeat 100’s of times…..
Wat say?????????????????

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2 Responses

  1. ferose says:

    Ya thats right childhood is the one of the most important time of our life. We will not get that days back at any cost. The love, affection, memories and yes the bossing. nice blog swathi.

  2. lkjhgf says:

    Kaash hum apne bachpan me waapis laut skte

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