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Its a place in maharashtra . Here there is a very cool environment .
Its a mindblowing place with very nice facilities as well as people………
The most treasured possession of this city is none other then the Glorious presence of Goddess MAHALAXMI DEVI. She is the one who is the Proud Pride of the city.
Kolhapuri Chappal, Kolhapuri Misal, Kolhapuri Pehalwan, Kolhapuri Saaz are the different things that are mostly talked about by people.
This place is for all the Kolhapurkars to share the joy and ecstasy of living in “Kolhapur” Though these things are immpossible to share,Many come here to study some come in purpose of jobs and some come with parents Transfers ,But all of them who come here becomes a part of this great city.

This city is even a sign of many of the Historical events . Whether eating those mouth watering Bhel-Pani puris at Rankala or chilling out in Rajarampuri, all was a very memorable scene. The visits to Panhala , viewing the Shivaji Maharajs forts all were the moments which cannot be expressed in words.
The Slogans oj “JAI BHWANI JAI SHIVAJI ” were very sweet for the ears ….The more the loudness more used to be the spirit hearing it.
So all prroud Kolhapurkars isnt this place great???????????????
And many of the people who havent yet visited kolhapur, do visit it and become a member of thi sweet family……………

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    Yaar u forgot to mention the Veg. Kolhapuri (my favourite), the famous spicy vegetable in all Hotels.

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