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Our Life for the employees…………

When we the indian poppulation demand ban on tobacco and cigarettes.
The one of the most fizzy reasons given by government for not doing so is,
What will the hundreds of people do who work for these industries.
They will be Unemployed and bla bla bla…………..
why cant the government think of starting an small scale industry or some other kind of small

buisness that can create employment…….
create employment but without harming the society…..
The simple logic can be framed in a question that is-
Is it necessary to kill 10 people just for the employment of a single fellow???????????
And who knows weather only 10 are killed for one……..

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2 Responses

  1. ferose says:

    There are lot of issue to think for government if they want to think ,but who cares they are living very comfortably. We are responsible for this problem we choose them, why dont we choose the correct people. I will tell you because there are very few people in our government who are capable of doing the good jobs but they are not allowed to do so.

  2. Service_to_all says:


    While I sincerely agree and appreciate your concern, the govt. probably is taking this as a route to population control (Sarcasm).


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