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When is the rain enjoyed the most……….and with whom is the rain enjoyed the most?????????? Hey it can be enjoyed the most with our loved ones alone…….
Have you ever felt the time standing still as the rain drops fall on the ground?
Have you ever felt the touch of innocence and purity as you look up and see the sky crying?
Ever held the hand of the one you loved and cared for when it rains?

This is a very beautiful feeling and many of us for sure might have felt something with the touch of these drops of purity. Something in their eyes. something in their mind. Something in their heart..

This can be understood by those who consider rain as positive, fun, exciting, romantic… Have you ever tasted the temptation to walk in the rain?
Hey everyone lets think of something else ……
I know many of you would love to play in the rain as well as on the sea shore..
I think there’s no such person who is not willing to do so…
Its a really wonderful and cheerful feeling to play in rain………
But lets imagine and do both things together………..
Imagine..If it’s raining and then we are on the sea shore… WOW!!!! It sounds really very wonderful moment that everyone would love to cherish in their life.. there are many emotions that we share with nature and this one would be the most beautiful…..
There are many different ways in which people appreciate and treat rains……
Some cry in the rain ,
some enjoy the sound of the rain drops…….
Many enjoy the silence of the sea…
Many play with the waves..

All the lovers of the rain and the sea shore…
All the people who want to enjoy the feelings and treasure them. Come on carry on and try it out guys…………

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2 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    There is a pleasure to touch the drops falling from d high sky with the stretched hands and face looking high with the legs partly dipped in the sea, it seems we r driven towards heaven.

  2. jmalhotra says:


    I too love rains and enjoy them the most….it seems that GOD is showering blessings all over….

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