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When any incident or a accident happens , the othe person asks us for a reason we very ofently give the reply, that there is no reason or then that ,”we dont know”. But according to me i feel that everything happens for a reason like if we fail once in our exam It is just for the cause that we understand the value of studies.Same way there are many other incidents also……
Many times ppl come into ur life& u know right away that they were meant 2 b there with you in your lifes journey. The people u meet in life during different circumstances affect ur life . Many a times people teach u a lesson or help figure out who u r or who u want 2 b. U never know who these ppl may b. Some times thing may happen 2 u at such a time tht many parts of your life may seem horrible,painful&unfair,but in reflection u realize tht widout overcoming those obstacles u w”d never realize ur potential strenght”ll power or heart and morever the joy you get after overcoming any problem is very sweet .Everything happens 4 a reason,nothing happens by chance or by means of luck . Its we who have given the reasons some classifications, and on basis of these only we recognize these reasons.Widout these small tests life w”d b like a smooth paved,straight,flat road nowhere safe&uncomfortable but dull&utterly pointless. da successes&downfalls in your life can be given the credit of making the real YOU out of the raw material you are……..


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3 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    Hello Swathi,

    If you dont mistake I would like to advice you on some aspects, which I think you will take it in the right spirit.

    1. Avoid using SMS like language like “u want 2 b”
    2. Type your articles in microsoft word and most of the grammatical and spelling mistakes will be taken care off.

    Read your article once or twice and you will spot some simple errors. For example
    “if we fail once in our exam It is just for the cause that we understand the value of studies”. You have mentioned “we understand”, I think it should have been “we did not understand”
    Now if I rewrite the sentence it probably should have been
    “if we fail once in our exam It is just because that we did notunderstand the value of studies”
    See how the meaning has changed completely in the opposite sense.


  2. admin says:

    Use Firefox. It has inbuilt spell checker and it checks the spellings as you type.

  3. lkjhgf says:

    It is the real fact that there is one decade in our life where we will suffer a lot.
    So after that there would b no such defall in our life.
    There is always a day after a night. We should vanish our sorrows with happiness.

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