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In Advance 0

In Advance

Hi every day In advance my wishing u all
Happy New Year and Merry Chrishtmas.
Happy New Year to eblog team also.
Dekha meri yaari 12 din pehli Baazi mari….


General Knowledge 0

General Knowledge

Why does a person with Broken Heart dont need General Knowledge?
Jab Dil hi Tut Gaya to G.K Kya Karenge???
Have any answer?

About Life 0

About Life

Everything is Pre-Written and Nothing can be Re Written,!
So live the Best and Leave the Rest to God!

What is Love? 2

What is Love?

Its when u hide tears and still care for Her,
Its when she ignores u and u still love Her,
Its when she loves someone else and u smile for Her.
This is True Love according to me.