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PLaces of interest in Bangalore 2

PLaces of interest in Bangalore

When you visit bangalore, there are few places which you must not missing visiting. Some of these places are really worth visiting becuase they are really famous & worth a visit.

Stray Dogs in Bangalore 1

Stray Dogs in Bangalore

Off late there are many instances of stray dog attacks in many areas of Bangalore. For some reasons they have becoe ferrocious & wild. There are a couple of incidents involving death of small children who were attacked by these stray dogs. Many other were injured in incidents involving stray dog attacks & it has become a common & ongoing issue now.

Scary House at Garuda Mall – Bangalore 1

Scary House at Garuda Mall – Bangalore

If you happen to visit Bangalore, definitely visit Garuda Mall which has scary house on 4th Floor. As the name states, it is a scary house where you enter in & walk inside the house for about 5 minutes, exploring diiferent rooms which has scary surprises for you. The ghosts & devils flying here & there, falling at yoru fot steps & on back of you with scary sounds & music running inside the house.

Multiplex Theatres in Bangalore 1

Multiplex Theatres in Bangalore

Bangalore has many mutiplex theatres now. Innovative multiplex on Marthalli ring road was the first multiplex theatres in Bnagalore with 4 screens, eat out zones & couple of shops for shopping. It is not a mall as such. 2nd is the PVR cinemas at the Forum Mall in Koramangala with 11 theatres in 3 classess – Gold Class, Europa & Classic.

Improper Maintenance of Roads in Bangalore 0

Improper Maintenance of Roads in Bangalore

Have you ever noticed roads in Bangalore. It’s never 100% clear. There is some or other construction going on by the sides of roads at everytime of the year. You can never find Bangalore clear from digging work. One work is over, some where another one starts. There is always inconvenience to the public throug out the year. The govt.

Rash Ideas 0

Rash Ideas

As the chairman of Kannada Development Authority Prof. Siddalingaiah has said that people speaking languages other than Kannada should not be responded to, now think if all the states start implementing such measures, what will happen!!!!!!!!!For every state you visit, you have to learn the local language. May be the Kannadis feel that they will be able to throw out the North Indians by adopting these measures, but they have not thought about the Kannadis living outside Karnataka.