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My Birthday 7

My Birthday

It’s my day,
It’s my birthday,
I was born today,
And all thanks to my Mother,
Who is very near,
Who is do dear,
Who took pain,
In return she had a wonderful gain,
In giving me birth,

February gone, enters March 3

February gone, enters March

February month has a special significance for our family. On 2nd February my wife was born. On 18th February my younger son was born. On 27th February my elder son was married.

Was it a coincidence? 0

Was it a coincidence?

It was 23rd January 2008, birthday of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. I was waiting to board the train at Jharsuguda, Orissa. Suddenly it struck to me that the train, which runs between Pune and Howrah, has been named Azad Hind Express. I live in New Delhi. I never thought that on this day I will be in Orrisa and will tarvel by this train which bears the name of Netaji’s famous Azad Hind Fauj. Was it a coincidence or I was destined to celebrate Netaji’s birthday in this manner?

2007…a year to cherish…2007…when…. 0

2007…a year to cherish…2007…when….

2007…..a year to cherish…..

2007 was when………
when we got a job………
when we passed out of college….
when we made new amazing friends…..
when some of us moved to a new city…..
when some of us celebrated our 22nd ( 23rd) birthdays…..

when we waved good bye to our buddies leaving to the states for higher studies…

when some of us fell in love……..
when some of us fell out of love
when some of us got hurt
when some of your ‘friends’ screwed up your love life…
when some ‘one’ you liked, did not like ‘you’….

2007 when
when we would have made mistakes
when we made life decisions…….
when these decisions turned out to be a tragedy
when some of us felt lonely ….