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Infactuation between bloggers 2

Infactuation between bloggers

There is a boom of social networking websites on Internet .The newer social networking sites like Yuwie , IBIBO not only helps in building social contacts but also gives other privileges like earning

Blogging 4


I have observed people write blogs with some purpose, probably with a sole purpose of exposing ones knowledge. But then I feel that blogs should not be a news channel.

Blogging Stars 3

Blogging Stars

In this world, meeting and communicating with Stars are impossible, only few have a chance and luck by winning some competition or some get a chance to meet them in the street or some restaurant, that

Writing – My newfound Satisfaction 4

Writing – My newfound Satisfaction

Coming from an average middle class family, with my father working as a Govt. servant, the extra-curricular activites was limited. Being a very straightforward govt.

Membership in multiple blogging sites 14

Membership in multiple blogging sites

Blogging as I understand is a recording of ones original thoughts in the world of web space. It is also a showcase of ones creative talent presented in a cogent and thought provoking written form.

Iam sure everyone will also agree, that to present ones thoughts, requires a lot of time and effort. Even the most prolific of writers have these limitations. It is extremely difficult to churn out reams and reams of contents.

Considering the current point of discussion, I have no clue as to how the current day generation of bloggers is able generate contents by dime a dozen. But from my experience of blogging in a very short span of 2 months, Iam able to surmise, one key factor. That is copying contents that are not theirs. There are others who participate in many similar blogging sites simultaneously, and post the same contents probably their very own, in all of them.

Significance of Comments in Blogs 4

Significance of Comments in Blogs

Comments by its very definition, indicates that it should convey some thoughts relevant to the post or the contents. It invariably should be a critical explanation on articles or posts.

Blogging for money? 1

Blogging for money?

Now-a-days the common craze are appearing to internet user for making money by blogging. This is a new hype or trend. But it should be kept in my mind blogging is not a money earning game it is also can share knowledge among each blogger and make good friendship forever.
After few days of passing the general internet user want to earn money through online in various online money earning programme. But few are genuine and most of them are fake and scam also. Blogging is an easy subject rather than creating own website. One can express himself or herself through blogging an unleash manner.



There is a boom of blogs on internet .Inf act blogging has become a big business, there are several websites which pay good amount for blogging. In the process the websites earn through the advertisement they get. Depending upon the viewership of blogs & /or number of comments or the ratings & sometimes on the number of referrals , bloggers are paid by these websites. Generally female bloggers are luckier than male bloggers in getting more comments , ratings & referrals. Due to this fact at times male bloggers in order to improve the viewership of their blog prefer to be identified as woman.