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Bothered by morning sickness?  Think twice, it is beneficial! 1

Bothered by morning sickness? Think twice, it is beneficial!

Morning sickness – the highly irritating nausea and vomiting that afflicts most mothers-to-be during the early months of pregnancy can be beneficial to women in later stages of life as it reduces the risk of breast cancer.
According to latest research carried out in the US women who esperience morning sickness have 30% less chances of getting breast cancer than women who have an entire pregnancy without the morning sickness. Although the axact mechanism is unclear it is good to speculate that higher levels of circulating Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) secreted by the ovarian and placental cells might play a role. This hormone is known to have several activities that have protective properties against cancer cells.

Working night shifts?  Think again!! 1

Working night shifts? Think again!!

Smoking causes cancer – This is an accepted statement. How about night shifts?? Sounds whacky!! However the International agency for Research on Cancer, the WHO’s cancer wing is going to classify Night shifts as a possible carcinogen!
Anabolic steroids, UV radiation, diesel exhaust and now night shifts! Millions of people round the world, more so in the developed world, are working late night shifts and face the possible risk of developing cancers. Recent research has brought out the evidence that women who work for years in night shifts are more likely to develop breast cancer and men who work similarly are more likely to develop prostate cancers. In experimental studies animals who have their light-dark schedules switched grew more cancerous tumors and died much quicker.

Cannabidiol – A new hope for breast cancer patients? 0

Cannabidiol – A new hope for breast cancer patients?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been found to be a hopeful non-toxic alternative to chemotherapy to breast cancer patients. Tha California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute team has published their reports in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

They stressed the fact that CBD lacks the psychoactive properties of Cannabis and as such would not violate any Narcotics regulations. However they mention that the research should not be taken as a license to start smoking Marijuana. It is highly unlikely that one can get the amounts of CBD needed for the anti-cancer effect by smoking Cannabis.