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Earth is always for everyone 4

Earth is always for everyone

Earth is for everyone, air, water and sun is not made for particular for one person.
They are used by everyone. But some politician make a big fuss and are creating problems. For example, saying that Mumbai is only for Maharashtrains, that is bad na….

For Earth’s sake 2

For Earth’s sake

The International Union of Geoscience (UGS) and UNESCO has declared 2007 – 2008
as the International year of Planet Earth.

The aim is to undertake various projects in 117 countries across the world to create awareness amongst the young gen. meet the challenges of ensuring a safer world.

“Protect the Earth”.

“Aware the people about it.” Also

carpeting the earth 0

carpeting the earth

a disciple was constantly complaining about the behaviour of others all the time.
master told him,”wanting other people to change their ways is like trying to spread carpet over the whole earth.changing yourself is wearing a pair of slippers.

It is much easier to protect your feet by wearing slippers where you walk,than to spread a carpet over the whole ground.”