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Infactuation between bloggers 2

Infactuation between bloggers

There is a boom of social networking websites on Internet .The newer social networking sites like Yuwie , IBIBO not only helps in building social contacts but also gives other privileges like earning

Save your energy. 1

Save your energy.

In this hectic and fast paced living, people generally tend to get exhausted very easily. The reason for this exhaustion is generally more psychological than physical.

Artfull Living – Controlling Pathos 2

Artfull Living – Controlling Pathos

Living is like a painting, and the way one paints is reflected in the way it is presented. The more artistic the painting is done with the heart and soul, the better will be the painting.

Emotions 2



Music and Therapy 4

Music and Therapy

Music has a definite impact on the psyche of most humans. The soothing effect it has can never be expressed in as many words, but the results it has, can definitely be felt not only by the person experiencing but also by others interacting.

Human Mind and the Sea 0

Human Mind and the Sea

As I watched the sea on several occasions, I wondered how it revealed its emotions and was caught in a very intriguing comparison with the mind.

The sea can be compared to the human mind. Just like the various states of mind, the sea also has its days when it is turbulent while there are times when it is extremely calm and tranquil.

Shyad mere pyar me kuch kame the……… 0

Shyad mere pyar me kuch kame the………

Shyad mere pyar me kuch kame the jo us k ankho me i nami the mujh se dur ja k wo jane kahan akale me khadi the us k dil me bhare jasbaton ki kahe na koi kame the jane Q sisakte hue wo ro padi the kahne ko puri zindagi us k aage pade the, bahar dekhte hue us ki ansuo se bhari ankhe jane kis soch me padi the shyad kise k intzar me tak-taki lagai khadi the ya fir kise ki d chot ko ansuo se dhone ki zid aaj us ne kare the mere marham b na aae us k kam shyad koi gahra ghav use kr raha tha pareshan jo kah na pa rahe the wo jane kis dar se aj chunar b nai the us k sr pe anjan se pahale suljhane ko de gai t hanse b chura k kise ki buri nazar us se le gai t vo puri tarah mayush se ho gai t
Aakhir kya bat the jo wo aj ro padi the?