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Faith is outcome of knowledge that there exists Supreme personality.

Truth and faith 0

Truth and faith

Some one told me that he believes in only truth. He believes that object falls towards earth because he observes it to be true. Here is the reply to the query.



There is a saying “MAN PROPOSES, GOD DISPOSES”, how far and how well it is to believe in this.




Hope is hope
Never let you drop
In the midst of the rain
Storm or cold
Hope gives you strength to keep moving
Even if you feel like giving up

Never quit and believe in yourself.
As long as you believe
Will have a reason for trying and trying hard
To meet the goal of your life

Never let anyone snatch or hold your happiness
Keep your hands closed
And fingers crossed
To make this beautiful and precious life
Within your reach

Never measure success or failure by
Money Material or Wealth
But the way you feel.
Our feelings determine the riches in our lives.

Did conversion help? 4

Did conversion help?

Many Hindus in India have left their born faith and converted to other faiths. This was prompted by their desire to seek a living which was denied to them because they belonged to lower castes, dalits. They were assured of an improvement in the quality of their life by the people of other faiths. They were also assured equality in the new faith. But all this has not come true. These people are now agitating for reservation claiming that they are still dalits. See the agitation launched by converted Christians and Buddhists.