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Dancing with your Family 3

Dancing with your Family

I know seeing One Big Family is very rare these days and nowadays it is hard to see a family live life together. Because in each house someone or other would have settled in Aboard.

How you make your spouse angry 3

How you make your spouse angry

He didn’t like the curry & he didn’t like my cake.
He said my biscuits were too hard… not like his mother used to make.
I didn’t prepare the coffee right & he didn’t like the stew.



I opened the newspaper and went straight to the ‘Appointments’ section. I ticked all the ads that published posts for engineers.

Cricket with family 1

Cricket with family

Last sunday I played a cricket match near my cousin’s place where everyone in the family was involved. We had two teams of 11 players each.

Family 1


I have a daughter who is just 3 months old as on today (19th Feb ’08). She is very cute & beautiful. She is the most precious thing in my life & even my wife too. I love my wife & daughter so much that I can sacrifice anything for sake of their happiness. Everytime when I am upset at work, I just close my eyes & think about them & I feel everything is fine & nothing to be upset about.

Family V/S Career 3

Family V/S Career

Family & Career are two things which can affect the other very easily. If you are a very hard working person who is behind making name, fame & money in career, you definitely tend to loose hang of your relationships. You will loose all those precious time which you can’t spend with your family.

Similarly if you are too dedicated towards your family, it wil be hard to concentrate on your career.



‘Ek beti ke bina insaan ki, khas kar ke aadmi ki , zindagi adhuri hai.’ (Human life, particularly of a man, is incomplete without having a daughter). These were the words uttered by the renowned poet, writer and thinker Javed Akhtar during one of his TV appearances recently. He was speaking in the context of the status of the girl child in contemporary Indian society.

Sad episode of a brilliant Boy 3

Sad episode of a brilliant Boy

The Academic Brilliance
Sonu (Name changed) the youngest son amongst a large family of 2 elder brothers, 3 elder sister and a younger sister, was a brilliant boy academically. He finished his engineering from a leading university with honors. He had dreams of pursuing his master from some university in the US. His parent though aged at that time, was quite independent.

The Family