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Smsgupshup– Free Group message really rocks 1

Smsgupshup– Free Group message really rocks

I have explained about websites that are giving service of free sms. I have tested them on 31st Dec. I got there performance, efficiency & delay time for receiving sms.
First I had send sms from atrochatro.com. Which gives service to send sms of 160 character & only 2 daily. My sent sms is not received yet!!!!

Second it was 160by2.com. I had sent sms at 8p.m on 31st. It was received @ 5 a.m. on 1st of Jan. So this site gives sms delivery for sure but requires time.

Free SMS 0

Free SMS

160by2 is a site where you can send free sms to all networks in India. As name suggests this site gives 80 characters to user to send his message & remaining 80 characters are provided for the advertisers. So you can send sms for free & advertiser will pay your sms bill.
This is great opportunity for advertisers to promote their product; because user itself sends the ad. Also advertiser can limit their ad to some region. So its cheap than any other advertisement & more efficient because receiver reads that ad.
So send free sms visit http://160by2.com